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Girls night with TWILIGHT!!!

Well it is finally here the opening night of Twilight was Friday night (unless you went and saw the midnight showing the night before) and it was amazing!! Of course the book is always better but they still captured what Stephenie Meyer intended, I least that is what myself and a theater full of screaming 12 year olds thought.

As a disclaimer David was okay the making of the following Tee-shirt......

Carly and I were the red headed twins, her shirt said "I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that Edward Cullen is fictional..."

Mary, Mary's mom, Sheena, and I in line, what you can not see is the sea of 12 year old girls sitting in line beneath us :)

Carly, Mary and I finally sitting in the theater after 2 hours waiting outside (soooo worth it though!)

Sheena and her girls...thank you girls for waiting in line for us since 4:30!!!!!

I had such a wonderful time out with you girls! Thank you so much..we need to do it again when is New Moon coming out?????

We interrupt this family for basketball season!

Well has everyone knows David has a passion with basketball, if you didn't know my awesome hubby played college ball too..yup I know he is talented! Southwestern had an Alumni game on Tuesday (perfect timing to keep myself busy and not glued to the TV watching election drama) and it was Trey's first chance to see his daddy in action! Gosh I sure miss those games but not the gym seats, I think my bum is still numb!

GO # 11 (well he was# 22 that night..owell)

Halloween Fun!!

After a fun filled day at the pumpkin patch the day before, Trey, David and I headed out to our first Family Fun Night as a family! I couldn't convince David to dress up this year but at least Trey was a hit :) Next year we are all going as Betty, Barnie and BamBam, he really has no choice on that one lol, Trey will be walking by then and we just have to do it!

The Turtle costume was adorable, we also had a chick outfit but David was adamant that his son would not be dressed as a chick, thus why I will not post any of them spare David the a side note, I thought it was adorable!!!

Thanks to Jenn and Carly who lent me the costumes!

Pumpkin Patch Bust

Well since this was our first Halloween with Trey I thought it would be fun to go take the family to a "real" pumpkin patch. Unfortunately when we arrived everything ... and I mean everything was picked over! I guess that's to be expected when you wait until October 30th to pick out pumpkins. Hey at least we got some cute family pics out of the whole event.