Thrifty Tuesday

Well on for the second installment of Thrifty Tuesdays ( I am really liking the sound of that!)

Remember how I said that I have never found anything for the house...well I found these
I really wish I took a better before picture because the frame that the print was in was awful!

Both the print and frame were under $5.00

Anyway, I decided that I was going to spray paint for the very first time! (okay the before and after pic are not that dramatic but please remember that I am a beginner)



I just love the way it looks in the bathroom and I think it was the Nester who said to use those command picture wall mounts and then just hot glue a ribbon to the wall so it only looks like it is hanging from the ribbon....I am so proud of myself! Oh and the frame is not crooked I obviously take crooked pictures :)

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