Thrifty Tuesday's

So I have lurking around many blogs and have found that many people go "thrifting" especially miss Thrifty Decor Chick and I decided since I am on a tight budget and can not decorate my whole house from Ballard's I decided I would give it a try.

On my first visit I was surprised by how awesome their kids cloths are...they are barely used and when you go on half off days its even better, I was buying gap jeans for $0.50 no joke!!!

I haven't found very much to use for the house but like Joys of Home does, I try to look as if everything can be spray painted. So Tuesdays I have dedicated to my adventures in becoming a "thrifter".

On this first installment I would like to share with you my treasures that I found for Trey
I got all of this for around $10.00 amazing, now I am not saying that his whole wardrobe is second hand (we all now how spoiled he is lol) but for winter necessities I am all in!!!

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