Trey's 1st cold :(

Well it has finally happened Trey caught his first cold! Everyone kept saying that his runny nose could be him teething and it still might but those gum's are as gummy as can be, no teeth breaking through yet.

I worked the weekend and I know that he was not feeling right, but last night I think was the worst of it. When I got home he was doing okay but I knew something was up when he didn't want his bottle. I fought with him for over 30 minutes trying to get him to eat. I finally gave up and put him to bed. About 20 minutes later he is screaming, I go into his room and he is covered ( I am not joking either!) in snot! I cleaned him up and cleared his nose out and just cradled him for 3 hours. I felt bad for David because right when he was going to bed I asked (or demanded oops sorry babe) that he run to Walgreen's and buy a cool humidifier and more Tylenol.

I rocked, walked and feed him and finally I think the Tylenol kicked in.
So after all of that he slept like a rock and now my little trooper is busy watching and talking to "The Polar Express"

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