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Thrifty Tuesday

So it has been a week or two since I have done Thrifty Tuesday but that only means that there is more to show y'all this week ;)

I found Trey some swim trunks for .99 cents and their Quicksilver SWEET. I also found him some Nike sandals, now we are all ready for summer vacation. I did snag some J Crew flip flops for 2 bucks :)

Then this week I found a cute little bird house for the backyard when it is finished (its in the house currently) I did add the ribbon...too much?????

I also found the fifth book in the series I am reading, I have found them ALL but one...I'm on the hunt!!

This white tin or whatever it is, is going to be painted either brown, cream or black and its going to be a planter for outside, I am serious about this container garden of mine LOL

and last but not least this supper cute baby boy frame was .50 cents I KNOW and another small apothecary jar to add to my collection (of 3 lol)

But the real find was at Ann Taylor Loft, they had all their final sale items 40% al…

Green Thumb

Okay so one of my New Years resolution was too have a nice looking backyard, one that Trey could run around and play in.....Well since the weather is so nice her lately I decided that I would start cleaning the back yard up and plant some lovely herbs and I can't keep anything this will be interesting.

On my lovely trip to Walmart I picked up a few...well...necessities

Okay, I am a little embarrassed to show you these pictures of my backyard, but I am only doing it in hopes that soon I can show you the after shots!!!!

This soon will be filled with beautiful tomatoes and herbs (and the lovely weeds will be GONE!!!)
No no that's no lush greenery next to the pathetic looking lemon tree, those are weeds but I bought plenty of weed killer so that problem will be gone soon also ;)
I am planning on getting one of those patio benches that doubles as storage (we have no side yards...hence no storage! )

And yes I will be starting to water the grass again come March …

Robbie Seay and Crowder

Last Saturday night David and I went to the David Crowder and Robbie Seay Concert. They were AWESOME. I actually was a little skeptical, only because I have been to literally almost every Crowder concert there was....yes even at Southwestern were I could touch the stage (it was in the gym) and I grabbed his play list and water bottle...NO JOKE ;)

But I was blown away, as usual the were great! Robbie Seay Band was the one who took me by surprise, I love Crowder, but I REALLY loved Robbie Seay that night, they rocked.

What was even better was that Rockie (Davids friend) introduced Robbie to David and they went out to dinner afterwards, of course no record deals were signed that night but hey, Robbie and his band rode in the Ol' CRV and they now know David by name, one huge step in the right direction if I don't say so myself!

Talk with the animals

If we could talk to the animals, just imagine it
Chatting to a chimp in chimpanzee

Today Trey and I went to the zoo with some of our friends (Ben, William, Addy, Avery, Julia, Colin and Evan) and we had a blast. We were ready for a safari with our Phoenix Zoo hat lol! We were able to "walk with the animals, talk with the animals, grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals"!!

Okay I just can't seem to get that song out of my head!

The weather was so nice that we were able to see the lions, tiger and there were no bears at the zoo but there were otters, zebras and giraffes. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked but I ended up getting a zoo membership (Charity and I split one...were soooo sneaky ) so we will be back soon I am sure of it!

I am not sure if Trey was able to notice any of the animals but if he could I am sure he would have jumped out of his stroller and gone running with all of his new friends ;)

Thrifty Tuesday....except for its monday?!?!

I know I know its Monday and why don't I just wait until tomorrow to show you all my finds, well 1st because I work tomorrow and will most likely not have time and plus I really want to post it now ;)

Okay here are a few finds that I have found over the past few weeks.

These are my latest finds! Did I score or what... all in the same trip! This is my second apothecary jar I have found (this one is huge!!!) I need tips on what I should put in it. The plate I found for $3, I got one for Christmas if you remember and I thought what a wonderful gift to give my little sis when she moves out! I added the ribbon and the plate stand I already had. The green container was going to be a gift to since I don't do roosters all that much but I found the perfect place for him above my cabinets LOL and then since my New years resolution is to loose weight I just had to have The South Beach Diet book!! All this for the grand total of $13.00 wooohooo

Here is my first apothecary jar, I got it for …

Baby Tag

Thanks Carly for the baby tag this looks like it will fun ;)Plus I don't think I have really ever posted anything about my pregnancy with Trey anyway so for all of my followers (all 3 of you..thank you so much for loving me!!!!) bear with me as I blog about the crazy nine months of my life that have changed me forever!

1. Where were you when you first found out you when you found out you were pregnant?
I was at home

2. Who was with you?
no one I didn't think it would be positive...

3. What was your first reaction?
Well I had prayed for it to be positive, even though we really weren't trying and when it was I didn't believe it so I took another one and when that one was positive I ran to Wal-mart and bough two more and took those, they were all positive! ( No joke I took four tests LOL)

4. What was your husband's reaction?
I had the tests wrapped up with as a gift with the movie knocked up (pretty inappropriate but funny none the less). He opened it and didn't get it a…


God is sooooo good. My not so baby brother Ian is coming home! God has been so good to us and our family. In fall of 2005 Ian went off to basic training for the army and two tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, two IED accidents and one very large tattoo (on his back) later he is finally coming home. He was in Kuwait on Wednesday and will be back in the states (Louisiana) on Saturday :)

He has served our country well the last 4.5 years, yes we all have been counting. We all have complained and whinnied that the army has pushed back his "come home" date and that he has been over seas for 2 Christmas's in a row but in the end none of that matters because God has been so gracious to Ian and our family for keeping him safe and keeping his faith strong through out all of this.

I wanted to thank every one for their prayers for Ian and even all the troops in general we felt them and are truly grateful for them!