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Thanks Carly for the baby tag this looks like it will fun ;) Plus I don't think I have really ever posted anything about my pregnancy with Trey anyway so for all of my followers (all 3 of you..thank you so much for loving me!!!!) bear with me as I blog about the crazy nine months of my life that have changed me forever!

1. Where were you when you first found out you when you found out you were pregnant?
I was at home

2. Who was with you?
no one I didn't think it would be positive...

3. What was your first reaction?
Well I had prayed for it to be positive, even though we really weren't trying and when it was I didn't believe it so I took another one and when that one was positive I ran to Wal-mart and bough two more and took those, they were all positive! ( No joke I took four tests LOL)

4. What was your husband's reaction?
I had the tests wrapped up with as a gift with the movie knocked up (pretty inappropriate but funny none the less). He opened it and didn't get it at first, so of course I had to tell him he was happy at first but no joke his smile turned into sheer panic about 3 seconds later...I wish I took a picture.

5. Who was the first person you told?
David and then Chelley ( I was scared to tell family first..stupid I know) But they were the next to know, we tried to save it until Christmas but I was sooo sick it was almost obvious what was going on.

6. Were the pregnancies planned?
Not planned but not preveted either

7. Was everyone happy for you?

8. What was the sex?
A boy ..or as Charity wrote on the ultrasound "The stem is on the apple"

9. What was the nursery theme/colors?

10. Did anyone throw a shower for you?
Yup I had two, Chelley did the first one and then The "First Tuesday Ladies" did the second I was sooooo blessed with everything, Thank you to everyone who was apart of it all.

11. Did you get any outfits you wouldn't use?
I didn't get anything I wouldn't use but I definitely did not use everything that was given to me. Everyone told me not to buy clothes because I would receive more than enough...and everyone was right ..owell I will use next time I'm sure.

12. How much weight did you gain?
Almost 50...YIKES!!!

13. Did you get stretch marks?
Yes, I got on my belly and one on my backside and I didn't even notice them until AFTER he was born LOL

14. Did you crave anything crazy?
Not crazy, but I always wanted sandwiches....I think the lady working at The Great Steak and Potato Co. in the mall knows me by name...yummm turkey, ham and swiss melt

15. Who or what got on your nerves the most?
Okay this might sound like I am a horrible person but really I am not, but I couldn't handle the sound of David breathing at night; I could not go to sleep, I had to buy a noise maker so I could drown out the sound, I am better now ( He might say otherwise)

16. Where were you when you went into labor?
No I was induced (sorta) but I had a few times I thought I was going into labor ....I remember a couple of days charting at the nurses station on a labor ball LOL

17. Did you have any complications?
Nope, thank goodness (well I did with the epidural but that story is waaaaay to long)

18. Did your water break?
Yea, By Dr Jaacks ;)

19. Who drove you to the hospital?
David, with our family a few cars behind us ;)

20. Did you go early or late?
2 weeks early I was 38 2/7 weeks

21. Who was in the room?
David ...and Jenn she was a huge support!!!

22. Did you video tape it?
Ummm nope..

23. Did you have any pain medication?
Long the end no!!

24. Did you have a c-section or natural?

25. What was your reaction to the birth?
Out of body exppericnce...thats really all I can body took over, very weird.

26. How big was the baby?
Eight pound four ounces ...I know huge for being 2 weeks early!

27. What was the baby's full name?
Trey David

28. Did your husband cry?
Yup, It was so awesome to see him love Trey the very moment he saw him!

29. When is the next one coming?
Who knows????

30. If you could would you do it all over again?
In a heart beat..I want a large family

Okay That was too fun..I now Tag Charity and Yvonne

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