Green Thumb

Okay so one of my New Years resolution was too have a nice looking backyard, one that Trey could run around and play in.....Well since the weather is so nice her lately I decided that I would start cleaning the back yard up and plant some lovely herbs and I can't keep anything this will be interesting.

On my lovely trip to Walmart I picked up a few...well...necessities

Okay, I am a little embarrassed to show you these pictures of my backyard, but I am only doing it in hopes that soon I can show you the after shots!!!!

This soon will be filled with beautiful tomatoes and herbs (and the lovely weeds will be GONE!!!)
No no that's no lush greenery next to the pathetic looking lemon tree, those are weeds but I bought plenty of weed killer so that problem will be gone soon also ;)
I am planning on getting one of those patio benches that doubles as storage (we have no side yards...hence no storage! )

And yes I will be starting to water the grass again come March or April

Say hi to everyone Tanner.....

Your poopy backyard days are numbered, the E team is on the job!!!!!

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