God is sooooo good. My not so baby brother Ian is coming home! God has been so good to us and our family. In fall of 2005 Ian went off to basic training for the army and two tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, two IED accidents and one very large tattoo (on his back) later he is finally coming home. He was in Kuwait on Wednesday and will be back in the states (Louisiana) on Saturday :)

He has served our country well the last 4.5 years, yes we all have been counting. We all have complained and whinnied that the army has pushed back his "come home" date and that he has been over seas for 2 Christmas's in a row but in the end none of that matters because God has been so gracious to Ian and our family for keeping him safe and keeping his faith strong through out all of this.

I wanted to thank every one for their prayers for Ian and even all the troops in general we felt them and are truly grateful for them!

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