New Years :)

I have a few new year resolutions, although I am very weary of even posting them because I really can not even remember if I have ever actually stuck to one?!?
But I figured that maybe this way some of you can help keep me accountable and the main reason being I needed to post something, its been ages..sorry about that :)

Okay here we go.....

1. Like the rest of us ...I am going to try and loose those last 15lbs of baby fat that still graces me with its presence!

2. Thrift I love that one :)
okay this ones needs more explaining..I mean that I need to be wiser when I shop, use coupons, shop around, don't impulse buy and really just be a more responsible spender! God has been great this year in helping us through some though times and I need to be a good steward of what He has given us.

3. Spend more time with Him. Last Year I woke up every morning (even before work ..I know that is shocking if you really know me!) and I would spend a good 1/2 hour reading and talking to Him, that has faded and it shows. Beth Moore has awesome devotionals that I need to begin again.

4. Pick up the dog poop more on a daily basis. I know that sounds sooo gross and I like to think that I keep a clean and tidy house the majority of the time, but the backyard..well.... We just don't use it that often right now. However, Trey will be 1 this summer and he needs a fun and CLEAN backyard to play in. Plus I am getting my whole house into shape (I don't think we'll be moving anytime soon) so that should include the backyard. Maybe I will plant some tomatoes this spring..yummm...okay baby steps first.

5. Okay lastly and I really feel that this one may just come with maturity but to appreciate myself and who I AM! I am ALWAYS looking at other people (friends, family, strangers, celebrities) and wishing I looked, cooked, decorated, blogged :), and was talented like them all and not appreciating that I am my own person and I am supposed to me the very way God has created me!


p.s. don't ya just love that plate in the picture!! My mother in law (MIL) gave it to me for Christmas and I am sooo in love with it, even ask David (the husband) I leave him messages all the time on it...Thank you soooo much again Katherine!

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