Robbie Seay and Crowder

Last Saturday night David and I went to the David Crowder and Robbie Seay Concert. They were AWESOME. I actually was a little skeptical, only because I have been to literally almost every Crowder concert there was....yes even at Southwestern were I could touch the stage (it was in the gym) and I grabbed his play list and water bottle...NO JOKE ;)

But I was blown away, as usual the were great! Robbie Seay Band was the one who took me by surprise, I love Crowder, but I REALLY loved Robbie Seay that night, they rocked.

What was even better was that Rockie (Davids friend) introduced Robbie to David and they went out to dinner afterwards, of course no record deals were signed that night but hey, Robbie and his band rode in the Ol' CRV and they now know David by name, one huge step in the right direction if I don't say so myself!

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