Thrifty Tuesday....except for its monday?!?!

I know I know its Monday and why don't I just wait until tomorrow to show you all my finds, well 1st because I work tomorrow and will most likely not have time and plus I really want to post it now ;)

Okay here are a few finds that I have found over the past few weeks.

These are my latest finds! Did I score or what... all in the same trip! This is my second apothecary jar I have found (this one is huge!!!) I need tips on what I should put in it. The plate I found for $3, I got one for Christmas if you remember and I thought what a wonderful gift to give my little sis when she moves out! I added the ribbon and the plate stand I already had. The green container was going to be a gift to since I don't do roosters all that much but I found the perfect place for him above my cabinets LOL and then since my New years resolution is to loose weight I just had to have The South Beach Diet book!! All this for the grand total of $13.00 wooohooo

Here is my first apothecary jar, I got it for $1.99 I was sooooo excited. The funny thing is I never wanted or liked them until I started blogging, then after seeing all my fav bloggers using them, I just HAD to have them ;)

Same thing with these, I think they are called a cloche, mine might be just a plate cover, regardless they are glass things to put things in and under just like she said!
I got this for a dollar and I use it to put my lint in. I have to say that it was one of the best ways I have ever spent a dollar! No more lint all over the washroom alleljuia!

I bought this for I think 3 or 4 dollars, I have since then painted in black, I have nothing hanging from it yet, but I just saw a tutorial on making tassels so I will be working on those soon to hang from it!

I read the 1st book Confession of a Shopaholic and LOVED it (this was before Twilight) and now that I have no more Twilight to read...sad moment.... I am going to finish this series....I was lucky enough to find the next two at savers and goodwill...SWEET!

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