Trey update :)

I thought I would brag a little about all the exciting things Trey is doing lately!!

*Warning picture overload due to bragging mother*

Well first off last week on the same day I had my wisdom teeth out my MIL found Trey doing this.......

Doesn't he look so GUILTY here lol :)

Needless to say we now have lowered the crib :( He is getting so big so fast, it's breaking my heart, although I would not change any of these moments for the world!

He is sitting in his big boy highchair and now eats more than just peaches, last night and tonight he has eaten turkey and sweet potatoes and chicken and apples ...yummmm!!
He also as just started on those (disgusting) biter biscuits, but he LOVES them..I will post a picture later.The shirt says it all!!!!!
He also is using/attempting his first sippy cup, and we had apple juice (diluted of course) for the first time yesterday too!
He is crawling ALL OVER the place, he literally follows me everywhere I go. He is also practically sitting up on his own too.
Watch out all you single ladies/toddlers Trey Man is on the prowl.... :)

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