California day one

We had such a great time up at my grandparents that I am going to have to split up my postings (there is soooo much to write about!)

I was able to get off work a little early on Wednesday (thank goodness, I needed to finish packing) but in the end we really didn't even hit the road until 8 PM.

(Trey was ready the minute we got in the car!)

About 10 hours later, tired yet running purely on red bull ( I prefer the double shots of espresso from Starbucks!) we arrived. We ate breakfast and then took a nap before heading out.

There is a store in Glendale called Real Deals and I LOVE it! Well they ironically had one in Paso Robles, so we had to stop by, not nearly has awesome as the one at home but fun none the less.

We then headed to Wal-mart and I ended up almost buying a new wardrobe..okay not really but OMG they have the cuuuuuuutest things there lately!

(oh yea Trey LOVES whipped cream!!!) My mom, Trey and GG (great grandma)

We ended the day with awesome mexcian food and a little Twilight (can you believe some of my family has never even seen the movie!!!)
My brother, Trey and GGP ( Great grandpa LOL)

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