Happy 9 month birthday Trey!!

Happy Birthday (9 months) my big boy...where has the last 9 months gone too. I feel like I just left the hospital worried about if you were nursing enough and now I am feeding you animal crackers and apple juice.

My big boy, here are just a few of the things that you are learning ... and mastering
  • Pulling your self up on furniture....and letting go
  • You are learning how to chew
  • You are making m, b and d sounds now...any day you are going to say mama and dada
  • You recognize daddy on stage
  • You love to play with bubbles
  • You can hold your on bottle, I remember when I couldn't wait for that but now you don't need me to do it for you and that just breaks my heart :(
  • You have two bottom teeth and I see your top two, they will be coming in any day now
  • You are learning how to drive.....

Well it feels like it some days because he is growing up so fast!!!!

I love you so much big boy and I want you to know that daddy and mommy are doing there best to show you how much Jesus love us and you!!!! He has blessed us beyond belief and I am so thankful that he wanted us to be your mommy and daddy.


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