Happy Easter

Late post due to internet down all day yesterday :(

Happy Easter!!!! He is Risen....He is risen indeed!!!!

Today was such a beautiful day (after it has been windy and rainy since Friday) coincidence...I think not LOL.

It was not how I would have planned my first Easter with Trey but I am not going to let it ruin the day. I unfortunately had to work today so I missed church, but I was able to get him ready this morning in his Easter best. I was fortunate to leave work around 3pm so I was able to stop by both parents to say hi. The one thing I wished I would have done was get a family picture but unfortunately I was wearing my scrubs and didn't think about it until Trey was already asleep.

But I do have a few Easter pics of Trey this morning that my Father in Law emailed me.

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