Pats Run

This morning was AMAZING!
I did my first ever run/walk race and I loved every minute!
My girlfriend Jenn had persuaded Mary and I ( a friend from work) to do the run.
(Me, Jenn, Mary)

I was a little nervous because I really had not started running again since having Trey, but after being in the crowds with the amazing atmosphere I was on a high, the high I have missed when I used to run.

I was able to run the majority of the race; about 3 out of 4.2 miles!!

It was such a beautiful morning! I really can love the desert!
Half way done!!!

5247 Ashley F 4381/6356 2153/2882 26 AZ 57:26 
WE DID IT!!!!!
I think I might become addicted, they are sooooo much fun!

By the way WW (Weight Watchers) went well, well I took a day off I mean I ran a lot today, I deserve a treat day, even if it is only my second day of my diet LOL

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