I have been so naive lately...okay always!
It hasn't been until I had Trey and started blogging did I ever realize how blessed I am.

After some trying times at work I am here catching up on my blogs and I have come across many people who are in need of prayer like Stellen and Harper but for some reason (okay lets admit it it was God!) I came across Kayleigh's story and started sobbing.

Why did I not struggle with infertility, why did God bless me with a healthy baby, why do I have the blessings that I do. I feel so selfish that I don't spend enough time in prayer for others, instead I blog, read and shop! This conviction is laying so heavily on me right now that I need to start praying for others by name even if I don't know you, it is the very least and yet the very most I can do!

Please feel free to leave me a message or email me with any prayer request!

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