Saturday night

Last night we went to David 10 year high school reunion. David was making me laugh at how nervous he was, we tried to be "fashionably late" and show up at 7:15 (instead of 7) the funny part was we were still one of the first ones there LOL. About 15 minutes into the night people started showing up and David began introducing me to people he spent all of high school with! I got along with so many of his friends! We were laughing and talking the night away until about midnight and then remembered we needed to pick up Trey :) The reunion was at Aunt Chilada's and the atmosphere was great.

The only regret was that we got lost in conversation that I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures! That was the one thing both parents told us to make sure we get, and we got nothing, okay well almost nothing I did get one in the beginning....

(Of course David is nowhere to be found, he was Mr. popular all night mingling with everyone!)

Today I felt a little bad but I decided to skip church, not because I was tired from last night but because I could not walk.....I was sooooo sore from yesterdays run!!!
I spent the day at home playing with Trey and doing what I was able to do around the house (walking like a gimp the whole time LOL)

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