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Sunday Video

More Hillsong United. 
The Bridge of this song, I can sing over and over again!

Home tour Friday!!

This week on home tour Friday is...... 
All about TREY"S room!!!
This is my favorite spot in his room!! This rocker is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in, Thank you again Dave and Katherine!
My Dad help me put up the chair railing, I think I want to tackle more rooms since I know how to do it now!

The theme in his room (if you couldn't tell) is airplanes! We had so much fun preparing his room, of course their are still things that I would like to still do. But for now It is my favorite room in the house! -Ash-

Where on earth have I been!!!!

I feel like that I have not been on blogger in ages!!! This weekend has been crazy! 

Monday was of course Memorial day, but I celebrated my birthday with my parents. We went swimming and had burgers. Of course I totally forgot to take pics of Trey in the pool AGAIN!! LOL. We watched Bride Wars but I am not sure David and I remembered very much of we were both passed out on the couch!
Tuesday was my actual birthday and I my sweet husband bought me Taylor swift and Carrie Underwood CD's with another gift I would get later that night!  
We later went over to my In-laws for dinner at Chelsea's Kitchen..YUMMMMM.  I got swordfish tacos and red velvet cake for dessert. 

So at the end of the day we all went over to the apple store and bought an I Mac!!! We decided that it was a combo gift for David and I  for both of our birthdays!!
So needless to say the last few days I have been reorienting my self with this AMAZING computer. We also have decided to move the office into the front room (th…

Thrift store fun!

Okay I know I used to share all my thirft store finds on Tuesday but I HAD to show you this!!

I got all this for under 10 dollars!!

I LOVED this wreath when I found it, I decided it just needed a few feathers to go in it (the feathers were actually more expensive than the wreath LOL)!

I plan on painting my screen door black or something darker this summer. I wish I could have a beautiful front door but safety first!!

I took that awful picture I bought and painted it with chalkboard paint and it turned out to be perfect for my sister. It was her birthday and I thought she could use this in her new place. She wants her kitchen to be black and red, how cute!!
(My handwriting is AWFUL!!!)

How cute are these a dollar each!! I had to have the Baylor colored shorts to go with Trey's Baylor outfits.

Have a great weekend! I work this weekend so we will see how much blogging I can do LOL.

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Texas day three and a question

Edit: I HAVE no idea why my font decided to go large, I tried everything but blogger doesn't want to work with me today!
Okay this was the day I was sooooo excited to tell you about!

We all went to church on Sunday morning, well..... my brother in law happens to go to UBC and the worship leader there is.....

David Crowder Band!!!!!

We were able to get our pic with him and everything!

( You HAVE to click on the pic to see it better!!!!!)

Oh yea and on Thursday night Dan e-mailed Crowder and asked if he could bring David by to check out the "Barn". If you know about Crowder, you know that they have turned their backyard barn (they really have a barn in their backyard...they live in the old Dr. Pepper house....for real!) into their recording studio. And he said yes!!! David got to go over to David Crowders house and check out his BARN!!! I so wish I was their to grab pics owell. I did ask David (My David) if he "accidentally" dropped his demo CD in the barn, he said N…

Texas day #3

Trey slept through the night on Friday night HALLELUJAH!! Our friends, the Pipers. told us that they had to put their kids in the bathroom so that they would not see their parents...sooo... we put Trey in the bathroom on Friday night and he was out the whole night!!!

Anyway we started the day with breakfast again at the hotel, did I mention Trey LOVES biscuits and gravy! He kept saying "umm" "umm" which is Trey talk for more lol.

We did a little shopping before graduation and then headed over to the guys apartment for appetizers and to get ready.

All dressed and ready to go!

It's a good thing that we took pictures beforehand because it was PORING outside LOL! Owell, we all went through about 1 can of hairspray each so we all look decent in our pics!

Congratulations Karl!!!!

We all went to dinner at the country club where Dan is a member, it was so good! Along with the bread that they serve they also served hush puppies along side....OMG they were delicious!

More pics…

Texas day #2

Warning: Long post with way to many pics!
We woke up from a not so good night sleep on Friday. Trey was up ALL NIGHT screaming!!! He has slept through the night since he was 10 weeks and NEVER gives us any trouble when it comes to bedtime. Well apparently when we are all in the same room it works a little different! Trey would not fall asleep until we paid attention to him and brought him into bed with us. Usually I don't give in to his tantrums (yes is is already having them!) but after almost 4 hours of screaming (I thought they were going to throw us out of the hotel) we caved in and let him sleep with us!

Anywho enough talk about that.....we started the day off by having breakfast at the hotel... for a free continental breakfast it was sure AMAZING!!! Since when do continental breakfasts serve biscuits and gravy, omelets, sausage, french toast and not to mention your choice of breads, cereal and fruit!!

We headed over to the campus after breakfast and had some fun in the Baylor b…