10 months old!!!

I am having a real difficult time with my emotions with the last few days. I am so happy and thankful that I have a son who is healthy and growing bigger everyday, but I am so sad that it is going by so fast!!!

I am here sobbing as I write this thinking "Where on earth did the time go??" and he is only 10 months can you imagine how I will be when he graduates high school or when he get's married??? I'm going to be a wreck, David might as well commit me to the psych ward!!! LOL

I decided I would post pics of the time we were in the hospital, to be honest I LOVED every minute of that experience (yes even the whole fiasco with the epidural and having NO pain control LOL) I still wouldn't trade those moments for the world!

I just continue to pray that Trey grows to be a healthy toddler and man, a man who loves Jesus!
Happy 10 month birthday Trey!

-Your Mommy-

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