Deep In the Heart of Texas

Hey Y'ALL (lol) I'm back from an AWESOME trip in Texas. We went to see my brother-in-law graduate from Baylor University.

So the trip began around 11 am (Phoenix time) and with a little help from modern medicine I was able to fly off off Texas (yes I have a MAJOR phobia with flying!). We arrived in Austin ( I love Austin, did you know I used to live there, yes I am proud to have lived in Texas!!!!!)

Anywho then we drove to Waco. Our first stop was to Rudy's gas station for some amazing BBQ! No joke it is a real gas station! I split bbq brisket and sausage with David and ended on a high note with banana pudding!

We then headed over to Daniel's and Karl's apartment. We hung out here for a little while before crashing!
Trey was testing out Karl's cap for graduation :) (By the way I LOVE parks and recreations! It's hilarious!)

Big Dave and Karl (the graduate!)

Trey and uncle Dan (He really was happy, I just caught a bad pic HA!!!)

The shopping in Waco is sooooooo much fun!!
We stopped by this costume jewelery store called Compass Trading Co. I found the cutest turquoise necklace, earrings and bracelet! I only wish I bought more LOL (you didn't read that David ha!! :)

They also have this store called SPICE, OMG I heart this store! It is all home decor underneath and then up stairs they have a TON of different vendors selling anythings from hand made crafts to leopard reef flip flops ( I wish I bough those!!!)

Most of the crew shopping at Spice :)
Okay and a little video to leave you with!!!
(yes they're are better ones out there but this one reminded me of when I was in 1st grade and Miss. Rhodes taught us this song, hand motions and all!!!)

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