Happy Mother's Day!!!

Well today started off bright and early! Trey and I had to head over to a friends house and feed her kitty's while she was out of town for a death in the family. I also left her dinner, I LOVE any recipe that has cream of mushroom/chicken soup in it!!! I made creamy chicken enchiladas, I will have to post the recipe when I make it again (so I can take a pic LOL).

Then we headed to church, I worked in the nursery since they needed help today. During the service they handed every mother a rose and note pad and even gave us one in the nursery! We helped clean up and then headed to one of my FAVORITE restaurant Pappaduex's!!! YUMMMM.

(My mom in law, Trey and I)

We all opened gifts and cards with my in-laws, David and Trey got me a gift certificate for Camelback Inn Spa OMG, I know I am soooooo excited to use it!

(David, his mom and Trey)

After my fill of shrimp and banana pudding, we headed over to my parents house, it was also my mom's birthday on top of mothers day :)

(Trey LOVED banana pudding...but who wouldn't???)

We opened gifts and had a awesome steak dinner! My mom made twice baked potatoes with brie cheese, they are soooo good, well we gave Trey a little (he was practicaly begging) any way HE LOVED IT, brie cheese who knew :)

( My mom, Trey and I) Can you tell it was the end of the day and all my make up wore off LOL!!

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