House Tour Friday!!

Well today is the tour of living rooms...

so less talk and more pics!
My husband and I usually fight for who sits here while we watch Thursday night TV

The toy zoneI am planning on putting two shelves the same color next to the TV so it will look a little more like and entrainment center but I was told we were in a recession so I am trying to spend a little less right now LOL. Also I want to put something else above the TV rather than the stars but haven't found anything that I LOVE yet :)

And this is the room as you enter the house...we are not really using it right now (we also don't use our table that I JUST HAD TO HAVE lol ;) we use TV trays!

Wow my house looks really bare in pictures lol:)

We are slowly building a furniture takes a while when you pay cash for everything!

Yes that's a sippy cup...just keeping it real!

Have a great weekend!

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