I'm bugg'n

Okay I know this is really silly but I am really stressing out over something, and to be honest it really is even to late to do anything about it. Yesterday was baby dedication day at my old church. This is the church that both David and I grew up in and even got married in.

Well he has taken on the role as Music Minister at our new church The City Church. We are so excited to be with a new church practically from the beginning, something we have never done. But unfortunately there are going to be things that a new church just doesn't have that an established church does, like baby dedication.

I know baby dedication does not mean Trey is saved but for some reason I am so upset that I was not able to partake in an amazing tradition. I have been going to that church for almost 20 years and I was so close to being able to dedicate Trey there. But how do you leave your new church Sunday morning to dedicate your baby somewhere else? David can't just say "see y'all next week we will be at another church dedicating our child".

Like I said it is to late now and Trey will be almost a year and half next time around so I'm not sure I will do it anyway. I just really wanted to take that oath in front of all our old congregation and promise to God and Trey that we are going to be Christian parents! Even though God already knows my heart there is just something bout proclaiming in front of a church family!

What do you all think??

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