A little of this and that

Today started off great, Trey and I head to the zoo with our friends Ms. Valerie and Joshua (who's birthday it was, HAPPY BIRTHDAY big boy!)

I actually did bring my camera but of course the batteries were dead!!! Valerie took some pics and will email them to me, so I can post them later.

It is getting HOT here in Phoenix and the animals were not as...lively as they have been all winter and spring, I think maybe only 1 more zoo trip until the fall :(
(This is from a couple of months ago...but it's my favorite...so I had to post it!)

Trey and I went to Fry's to pick up more weight watchers frozen meals. OMG did y'all know that even the Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choices frozen meals have the points listed on the sides!!!!! I was so excited for a little more variety!

I was totally stoked that I lost 4 pounds this morning, but after lunch I gained 3 back :( I know this is not accurate but still ( I guess I should be counting points for all the peanut M&M's I am eating...should we say 1 point per handful... LOL, more like 1 point for each M&M :)

Oh and yes a couple of Trey pics LOL...bath time is one of my favorite times with him!


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