Texas day #2

Warning: Long post with way to many pics!
We woke up from a not so good night sleep on Friday. Trey was up ALL NIGHT screaming!!! He has slept through the night since he was 10 weeks and NEVER gives us any trouble when it comes to bedtime. Well apparently when we are all in the same room it works a little different! Trey would not fall asleep until we paid attention to him and brought him into bed with us. Usually I don't give in to his tantrums (yes is is already having them!) but after almost 4 hours of screaming (I thought they were going to throw us out of the hotel) we caved in and let him sleep with us!

Anywho enough talk about that.....we started the day off by having breakfast at the hotel... for a free continental breakfast it was sure AMAZING!!! Since when do continental breakfasts serve biscuits and gravy, omelets, sausage, french toast and not to mention your choice of breads, cereal and fruit!!

We headed over to the campus after breakfast and had some fun in the Baylor bookstore.

We stopped by the Bill and Eva Williams bear pit (I had to give a shout out to them!! Even though they have nooo clue I have a blog LOL).

We then toured the campus ...the pictures speak for themselves!

After walking around the campus we decided to head over to Crawford, Texas for some lunch. There is only ONE place to eat lunch at in Crawford and this is it LOL!
It is the restaurant that President Bush and Laura ate at while they were at the ranch!!! Their are pics of them everywhere inside.

The back of the waitresses tee-shirts said... "The western white house" I wish I got a pic!

This was my lunch, it was chicken tenders and chicken fried steak fingers and fried pickles... YUMMMM. I know it looks gross (it is all the same color lol) but is was soooo good! I think I gained back all my weight and then some with this meal.

We went back to our hotel room for a little nap (since we got noooo sleep the night before) actually I was the only one taking a nap, David kept Trey entertained, sorry babe!

The Pipers made in into Waco later that evening and we meet up and had dinner at Se Cocina (did I spell that right Dan???) Anyway it was delicious Mexican food.

Rex, Austin, Ruth and Erica (Karl's Fiance and my future sister in law :)

Dan and his dessert!
Trey liked it too!

Something amazing happened on Thursday night but I am posting that with another post! (I gotcha covered D)

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