Texas day #3

Trey slept through the night on Friday night HALLELUJAH!! Our friends, the Pipers. told us that they had to put their kids in the bathroom so that they would not see their parents...sooo... we put Trey in the bathroom on Friday night and he was out the whole night!!!

Anyway we started the day with breakfast again at the hotel, did I mention Trey LOVES biscuits and gravy! He kept saying "umm" "umm" which is Trey talk for more lol.

We did a little shopping before graduation and then headed over to the guys apartment for appetizers and to get ready.

All dressed and ready to go!

It's a good thing that we took pictures beforehand because it was PORING outside LOL! Owell, we all went through about 1 can of hairspray each so we all look decent in our pics!

Congratulations Karl!!!!

We all went to dinner at the country club where Dan is a member, it was so good! Along with the bread that they serve they also served hush puppies along side....OMG they were delicious!

More pics after dinner

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