Texas day three and a question

Edit: I HAVE no idea why my font decided to go large, I tried everything but blogger doesn't want to work with me today!
Okay this was the day I was sooooo excited to tell you about!

We all went to church on Sunday morning, well..... my brother in law happens to go to UBC and the worship leader there is.....

David Crowder Band!!!!!

We were able to get our pic with him and everything!

( You HAVE to click on the pic to see it better!!!!!)

Oh yea and on Thursday night Dan e-mailed Crowder and asked if he could bring David by to check out the "Barn". If you know about Crowder, you know that they have turned their backyard barn (they really have a barn in their backyard...they live in the old Dr. Pepper house....for real!) into their recording studio. And he said yes!!! David got to go over to David Crowders house and check out his BARN!!! I so wish I was their to grab pics owell. I did ask David (My David) if he "accidentally" dropped his demo CD in the barn, he said NO, maybe next time. I guess I can't expect my David to open for Crowder after only meeting him once LOL!

Anyway so that was my exciting news, and on Sunday morning Crowder remembered who David was and meet Trey and we grabbed a few pics! (David said he was a soiled individual!) It's good to hear that he is NOT jaded by his fame.

Here are a few pics from the church, It is not your typical Baptist church LOL, but we LOVED it!
(Some of the pics are dark, sorry)

We all headed over to Rudy's for Lunch this time I got this beauty!!!! It was pure Heaven.

After Lunch we did a little more shopping LOL, and then drove back to Austin to catch our flight back home :(

Oh and real quick does anyone know how to add a picture to my banner I downloaded pain.net but I have NO CLUE how to use it lol!

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