Update on Tuesday's fun!

I was going to post this Tuesday but ran out of time (and I worked yesterday...12 hours of nursing doesn't give much time for blogging) anywho.....

So Tuesday Trey and I had an early lunch with a good friend from high school that I have just recently kept in contact with!

She had her baby shower for her little girl this weekend and since I worked the weekend I wasn't able to go :( So we met up for lunch and play date with the boys!

This is Joshua her son, does he not have the best smile!!

I gave her this AWESOME onsie I found from blogging around ISN'T IT SOOOO CUTE!!!!

We had lunch at Olive Garden and well I should have gotten the salad but well the baked ziti was just way to tempting (I caved in LOL) but I am pretty sure Trey liked it more than I did, he kept begging for more, it was hilaroius!

After lunch we hung out over at Tonya's for a bit, I was able to see her wedding pics and catch up from high school (can you believe its been almost 10 years!!!!)

After that Trey had a doctors appointment.
He weighs 17.2 pounds ...he is just tall and lean LOL

Taking pics in the docotrs office

Take #1
Take #2Take #3

I do need to take him to a cardiologist because they have heard a murmur twice now, I am not worried for some reason I know God is in control (but prayers are always needed!)
Smile Dr Vargas :)

Later that night Trey went to my parents and I had girls night with my MIL and all of our friends Its called 1st Tuesday of the month club :) This time we did pedicures and dinner at the Corner Bakery! It was YUMMM!! again not on the diet but since I cheated at lunch I figured the whole day would be a cheat day!
I can't believe I just showed you a picture of my toes!!!!


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