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Sunday Video

A new favorite of mine, we have been singing it at Crash (Sunday night church) we are talking about living in our Desert times and this song could not fit better!!

Wedding, friends and Toys r us

An amazing couple of ours got married today and we had just a blast sharing in their day with them! John and Jessica Lamb. David and I have known John since it seems like forever and we meet Jessica when we started to help out in the college group. They are just perfect together and it is so awesome to see how perfect we are for each other when God is our matchmaker! (okay that sounds a little cheesy but it is true!!! so just lay on the cheese wiz!!!!)

I could not get a better pic, I was so bummed!

Isn't their cake beautiful!

I LOVE weddings because you can get together with close friends and family that you haven't seen in a while, life can get away from you so fast that you barely have time to catch up with old friends. It was so awesome to see Megan and Jessi (they both have blogs!!!) They are solid friends from college!

And Christine who I have know since...well...forever, we grew up at the same church gatta luv NPBC!!!

I have to have a pic of the Bride and me LOL

And the husb…

Show us where you live Master Bedroom

Man Friday came way to fast this week...I didn't even have time to clean LOL

But you will notice no pictures of the closet for that very reason HAHA

Okay here it is the master bedroom...and Taylor again :)

This is what you see when you leave the bathroom

Our bedroom dresser was an awesome find my mother in law found for us! (yes those are clothes peaking through the drawers..just keeping it real!)

Okay this bench I found at Savers for $30 bucks I though it was a little pricey but it just fit so well, I splurged....and again more clothes to put away.

I found the white quilt at Home Goods for $25, shames included and the floral shames and comforter at the end of the bed were clearanced at Target for $30 wooohooo

Lazy Tuesday

Well there is not much going on at our home today. Last night was a little rough, Trey and I have both caught some kind of cold bug! He had a fever all night of 103, I just keep alternating between Tylenol and Motrin, which seemed to help. Although he just did not want to sleep alone, so both him and I went onto the couch all night, even though I felt miserable it felt nice to have him want me and to fall asleep together!

Trey's fever was down this morning (thank goodness) although I think I feel worse today then last night, nothing like a little Mucinex to cure me (almost)! Trey again was not wanting to be alone so we took a nap together while daddy watched TV and made Walgreen's run for us (he is on summer break).

I work tomorrow so no big plans tonight just resting so I can be a little better for work (it has been a zoo there lately!!!)

Oh and last but not least y'all wanted to know how the bumpit worked, well I was a little nervous to walk out the door with it in becau…

Happy Dad's Day

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads I know! I love you and each one of you has played an amazing role in my life, thank you!

My Papa John (aka dad) and TreyPop E

And for my love I didn't forget your birthday in real time but I did forget to mention it on blog world (oops). "D" I love you so much and I look forward to every year that I have with you and to celebrate another birthday with you!

P.S. 2 more years until the big 30..what are we going to do???? We really should plan an AWESOME trip!

Friday home tour!

Laundry room time!!!
This is what you see coming in from the hallway, that door leads into the garage :)

I do have different washer and dryers, our washer went out on us earlier this year and as bad as I wanted a new set it was stupid to buy a dryer when ours still worked just fine...hence the bright white washer and cream dryer LOL!

Who doesn't love Uppercase Living. I just might have to become a consultant just to help pay for the habit LOL!
Where the cat does her business

I have seen this idea on MANY blogs, I literally switched from using liquid detergent to powder just so I could do this HA!!

I am turning my old office into a playroom/guest room but I will update that project on my blog when I finally get around to it!!

What recession?!?

Okay so the last few days I have had this annoying rash, I just thought it nothing serious until last night when it hurt so bad I could barely move. I decided to look up what it could be on WebMD, I thought I was dying from shingles! I had all the symptoms a rash just on one part of my body, very painful and it looked similar (the rash that is). So I went to urgent care this morning and was diagnosed with a staph infection!!! She even cultured it to make sure it wasn't MRSA. How on God's green earth do I get these things!!!!

I may work in a hospital but I DO practice standard precautions and good hygiene, for crying out loud I must have the weakest immune system ever! Anyway after filling my Rx and taking enough Ibuprofen to kill a horse take the pain away I decided to do a little shopping, I did have to grab some fathers day gifts :)

This was me except I had a stroller instead of a dog LOL! And the cartoon looked so much cuter than I did, I looked like wreck today, thank goodn…

Sad yet thankful day!

Today was another strange day (like the rest of the week!)

It started out with David and I being able to sleep in until....drum role.......8:30 am!!!!!

I was able to catch up on my new addiction Y&R (Young and the Restless) wow, its getting intense, or are all soaps this way???

On a more serious note..

David and I attended Sharon's Memorial Service or as Christians we say Celebration of Life Service because really that is what it was!! She is in Heaven praising God her Father 24/7 .
Her service, as our Pastor said, was about her but for us, for we want to honor her and celebrate her life!

My prayer is out to Stan, Brad and Lauren, I know you don't read this blog but I still need to share that your wife/mom was an amazing women of God! She loved Jesus and it showed! I will always cherish my bridal shower that she was a hostess for and the friendship that was so dear to my mother! My mom is going to miss the many lunches that you two had together.

After honoring Sharon we went to…

Bathroom Time

Okay I have just two bathroom which are the same size (yes I have a small master bathroom) can anyone guess that God is teaching me to be content while we are doing this home tour HA!! No in all seriousness, yes I would LOVE to have a gorgeous master bath but I could not be more fortunate to have this awesome home that He has given me!

Okay on to pics!!
This is Trey's bathroom/guest bathroom

I LOVE monogram things, I have a small collection (it all resides in this bathroom HA) but I am always on the hunt for more!

And my small yet where I can relax bathroom...please don't all gasp at once LOL :)

There ya go nothing great but its ours!! Thank you for touring :)

Thrifty Thursday and other randomness

So this week has been a strange one...anyone else agree?!?!

I worked Monday and Wednesday and it was even weird at work... quick story so Wednesday was a "nice" day in Labor and Delivery (we NEVER say the Q word aka quiet) we also had some nursing students on the floor, one actually had the nerve to say "wow I would like to be a OB nurse 'cause all you do all day is sit around" OMG he almost lost his head LOL! Just for the record we are usually running are behinds off and don't even get lunch breaks (12 hours with no lunch break, you heard me right!!). Anyway so that has been my week so far.

I work this weekend I will have to bring my camera to work and show you all the fine women I work with!

Today I woke up to a warm house, I started to freak, went over to the AC and noticed it was 80 degrees (we usually have it around 74-75) I almost started crying, luckily a girl I work with, her husband works with AC's and what a blessing God has put into my life, …

Bible study

Okay so I have been wanting to be apart of a new Bible study for a while now. I was apart of one but because of internships and job relocation's we have almost all but split up :(

(our annual Thanksgiving dinner, which we still try to do every year!)

However I thought that maybe this could be a good thing because at this same time we were getting ready to join a new church plant The City Church. I was excited because I figured I could join the women's Bible study their. The only problem....It has not been started yet, although hopefully by this fall a women's ministry/Bible study will have kicked off.

So I decided that maybe I would start my own.....lets just say it hasn't taken off LOL :)
I also looked into other churches, the ones close by had no daycare and the ones that did where an hour each way to get there :(

So I began reading Beth Moore's blog ( and LOVE it) I decided to do one of her Personal Reflection Series.

It is so good and it is more in depth than a devo…