Bible study

Okay so I have been wanting to be apart of a new Bible study for a while now. I was apart of one but because of internships and job relocation's we have almost all but split up :(

(our annual Thanksgiving dinner, which we still try to do every year!)

However I thought that maybe this could be a good thing because at this same time we were getting ready to join a new church plant The City Church. I was excited because I figured I could join the women's Bible study their. The only problem....It has not been started yet, although hopefully by this fall a women's ministry/Bible study will have kicked off.

So I decided that maybe I would start my own.....lets just say it hasn't taken off LOL :)
I also looked into other churches, the ones close by had no daycare and the ones that did where an hour each way to get there :(

So I began reading Beth Moore's blog ( and LOVE it) I decided to do one of her Personal Reflection Series.

It is so good and it is more in depth than a devotional book.

Then I was on Lifeways website the other night (I have no idea how I got linked their but I did) and I saw that they were doing an Online Beth Moore Bible study.

I was stoked! All I had to do was pay for it and the book was available to print off and I get to watch all the video's! I really wish that I would be part of a group, it is un-replaceable (is that a word??) the interactions that you get when you have other women to talk to, but I have just not been able to find anyone who wanted /could do it . Anywho I am soooooo excited to start this series, I will let you know how it goes.

and one more thing...

On Beth's blog this summer she is going to be going through this Bible study and she will even post video clips of her discussing it! She REALLY recommends doing this with a group that would only meet every other Tuesday.

I thought that this might be something I wanted to look into to since I usually have Tuesday's off, however I will be out of town for 2 weeks in July so meeting up might be really hard with my work schedule. :( I still might grab the book anyway in case any of YOU want to give me a call/email and maybe we can meet up and chat about this over coffee!!!

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