Happy 11th month birthday Trey!

I can not believe that Trey is 11months and in 4 short weeks we are going to have his 1st birthday party!!

What are you up to Trey....
  • You talk A LOT!!
  • You are stubborn..you can't possibly get that from your mommy???
  • You are getting more hansom every day, you definitely get that from your daddy!
  • You love swimming
  • You are slowly transitioning to milk other than formula, this will give mom and a dad a small raise :)
  • You like to eat yourself (not letting me help you) and are slowly taking over :(
  • You LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and smile every time its on
  • You smile and want me when I come home from work....that is the best thing!!!!
Happy 11 month birthday big boy!!!

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