Lazy Tuesday

Well there is not much going on at our home today. Last night was a little rough, Trey and I have both caught some kind of cold bug! He had a fever all night of 103, I just keep alternating between Tylenol and Motrin, which seemed to help. Although he just did not want to sleep alone, so both him and I went onto the couch all night, even though I felt miserable it felt nice to have him want me and to fall asleep together!

Trey's fever was down this morning (thank goodness) although I think I feel worse today then last night, nothing like a little Mucinex to cure me (almost)! Trey again was not wanting to be alone so we took a nap together while daddy watched TV and made Walgreen's run for us (he is on summer break).

I work tomorrow so no big plans tonight just resting so I can be a little better for work (it has been a zoo there lately!!!)

Oh and last but not least y'all wanted to know how the bumpit worked, well I was a little nervous to walk out the door with it in because I felt like Marie Antoinette but I kept LOTS of complements even from both of my brother-in-laws, so that's saying something!

This is me (obviously ) with it in, it looked big from the front but I though it looked cute from the side and back. I think next time I am going to wear my hair in a pony tail with it in that might look a little cuter!

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