My Husband

David and I had our 4 year anniversary on Wednesday. I was supposed to work so we really had no plans, but I was put on call so we ended up ordering Carrabba's and hanging out at home. And what can beat a nice pasta dish, your husband and our baby...NOTHING!

It got me thinking about everything that we have done in 4 years, I didn't think we had been very many places but when you begin to write/type them out I was blown away at how much we have accomplished.

  • Been on a cruise
  • Been to CABO!!!!
  • Bought a house
  • Had a baby
  • own a dog and cat
  • Have 2 new cars since we have been married
  • Caught our house on fire...funny/scary story actually LOL
  • Been to Texas several times
  • Been to California several times
  • David made his 1st (and not last) CD
  • We have started both our jobs after we were married
  • Are part of a new church plant, leaving (sorta) our old church where we both grew up
  • (there was more but I am tired and forgot some LOL)

David, I love you and you are my best friend. I am so happy that you love Jesus and that you take you commitment to God, me and Trey serioulsy. You are the leader of this house (even though I want/act/seem like I am LOL) I respect you and thank you for leading our family. I trust your judgment and respect your descisions (why again could we not go to Cabo this year????) you are the love of my life and I can't and don't want to imgaine doing this without you. I am so blessed that God saved me for you!

David I love you and the family that we have made! I hope to spend 50 more years with you as your wife!!!!

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