Show us where you live Master Bedroom

Man Friday came way to fast this week...I didn't even have time to clean LOL

But you will notice no pictures of the closet for that very reason HAHA

Okay here it is the master bedroom...and Taylor again :)

This is what you see when you leave the bathroom

Our bedroom dresser was an awesome find my mother in law found for us! (yes those are clothes peaking through the drawers..just keeping it real!)

Okay this bench I found at Savers for $30 bucks I though it was a little pricey but it just fit so well, I splurged....and again more clothes to put away.

I found the white quilt at Home Goods for $25, shames included and the floral shames and comforter at the end of the bed were clearanced at Target for $30 wooohooo

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