Thrifty Thursday and other randomness

So this week has been a strange one...anyone else agree?!?!

I worked Monday and Wednesday and it was even weird at work... quick story so Wednesday was a "nice" day in Labor and Delivery (we NEVER say the Q word aka quiet) we also had some nursing students on the floor, one actually had the nerve to say "wow I would like to be a OB nurse 'cause all you do all day is sit around" OMG he almost lost his head LOL! Just for the record we are usually running are behinds off and don't even get lunch breaks (12 hours with no lunch break, you heard me right!!). Anyway so that has been my week so far.

I work this weekend I will have to bring my camera to work and show you all the fine women I work with!

Today I woke up to a warm house, I started to freak, went over to the AC and noticed it was 80 degrees (we usually have it around 74-75) I almost started crying, luckily a girl I work with, her husband works with AC's and what a blessing God has put into my life, the last thing you want in AZ is a AC company to rip you off!! We were able to get it fixed the same afternoon for under $90 woooohooo!!

I had a dentist appointment today and then headed over to goodwill and did a little thrifting and found some great finds!

The topiaries were only $6 each (plus I had a 20% off coupon) I also needed a jello mold, its weird things like that I forget I don't have lol and the book "The Small One" I almost cried when I saw it, if you haven't read it or seen the movie it is about a scrawny donkey who can't find anyone to work for and then one night a man named Joseph asked of he was willing to take Him and his wife Mary to Bethlehem!!! I was able to get all of this for $13 buckaroooos!!

I saw 5 lb dumbbells for only 3 bucks and a bag of red pears (decorative) that I am kicking myself for not getting them, maybe I will run over their tomorrow and see if they have them :)

I made a big pot of the mini bow tie pasta with spaghetti sauce for Trey and here are a few pics of the dirty little guy!

This was after his bath, I now know to feed him THEN bathe him :)

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