Wedding, friends and Toys r us

An amazing couple of ours got married today and we had just a blast sharing in their day with them! John and Jessica Lamb. David and I have known John since it seems like forever and we meet Jessica when we started to help out in the college group. They are just perfect together and it is so awesome to see how perfect we are for each other when God is our matchmaker! (okay that sounds a little cheesy but it is true!!! so just lay on the cheese wiz!!!!)

I could not get a better pic, I was so bummed!

Isn't their cake beautiful!

I LOVE weddings because you can get together with close friends and family that you haven't seen in a while, life can get away from you so fast that you barely have time to catch up with old friends. It was so awesome to see Megan and Jessi (they both have blogs!!!) They are solid friends from college!

And Christine who I have know since...well...forever, we grew up at the same church gatta luv NPBC!!!

I have to have a pic of the Bride and me LOL

And the husband and me

Take one

Take two....better HA :)

David sang the song from Fireproof for when they were lighting the unity candle it was so pretty so here it is, not Davids version though LOL.

After the wedding we went to pick up Trey and run over to ......
Trey's birthday is on July 6th so we needed to do some birthday shopping.

This was the first time we had all been to Toys r us (look at that look on his face HA, if he only knew we were buying him toys!)

We picked up this bad boy for his birthday, it goes from a walking toy to a ride on, I think he will have fun once he figures out how to use it!


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