What recession?!?

Okay so the last few days I have had this annoying rash, I just thought it nothing serious until last night when it hurt so bad I could barely move. I decided to look up what it could be on WebMD, I thought I was dying from shingles! I had all the symptoms a rash just on one part of my body, very painful and it looked similar (the rash that is). So I went to urgent care this morning and was diagnosed with a staph infection!!! She even cultured it to make sure it wasn't MRSA. How on God's green earth do I get these things!!!!

I may work in a hospital but I DO practice standard precautions and good hygiene, for crying out loud I must have the weakest immune system ever! Anyway after filling my Rx and taking enough Ibuprofen to kill a horse take the pain away I decided to do a little shopping, I did have to grab some fathers day gifts :)

This was me except I had a stroller instead of a dog LOL! And the cartoon looked so much cuter than I did, I looked like wreck today, thank goodness I have no pics of that HA!

Well 5 hours and 7 bags later I was home. Apparently I was unaware that we are in a recession! Although I do have to admit I only bought things on sale/clearance (except the Bumpits...I soooo did buy those!!!!)

I don't post this to brag but I have not had a spending spree in a while and like I said between Vickie's and BBW having their HUGE sales, I really did not spend THAT much.......
I am trying to justify myself

Okay the run down
BBW: the soaps were $3 and the wallflowers $4 and the candle $4
Vickie's: The perfume not body spray was 75% off I got them for $11 (originally $45) and a body spray for $5 (originally $22) lip gloss $1.50 (originally $7)

The shorts are for Trey's birthday and the watch and earrings were buy one get one 50% off.

I will have to update you on how the bumpits work, all the girls are using them at work and love them, so we will see.

Have any of you had tried the bumpits????

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