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Show us Your Life

Okay on this installment of Show us Your Life it is all about our wedding party and flowers :)

We kinda had a big wedding party I had 6 bridesmaids/maid of honor
-Britteny (Maid of honor) and my sister
-Candace (roommate and went to nursing school together)
-Jordan (my cousin)
-Heather (cousin)
-Erin (Friend)
-Kyla (long time friend)
and 1 Jr. bridesmaid Megan (cousin)

And then David had 7 groomsmen/bestmen.
-Daniel (brother, bestman)
-Karl (brother, bestman)
-Andy (friend)
-Ian (my brother)
-Marshall (friend)
-Matt (friend)
-Quinn (friend)

Then we had 1 flower girl/ring bearer, Sydney and Trevor (cousins)

I really tried hard to keep the wedding budget as "under control" as we could. We did a have a fairly large wedding with over 300 people so we had to slim back in other areas, THANK GOODNESS for family and friends!!!!

My MIL and her close group of friends made all of my flowers for the center pieces and bouquets from roses from COSTCO!! I thought they turned out awesome!

I even made all my i…

Vacation Part 1

Okay I am going to finally post some pics about our vacation. Life has been just super crazy with me working a TON of days in a row (so I could use less PTO) but now I think I might be back to my normal schedule, but of course I had to get sick AGAIN throughout all of this!

Okay enough venting........ So late Tuesday night( many weeks ago...) we started our vacation and left Phoenix and headed to Page, which was a good thing because we were going to be able to shave off 4 hours of our drive the next day. was better looking on person LOL!

The next morning we left Page and drove all through Utah and ended up in Idaho Falls. I really enjoyed driving through Utah, there is some very pretty country that I was able to see for the first time.

Zion Park, Utah

This is what Trey though of most of the driving!

And this is what made him happy!!! (In all honesty he did wonderful!!!)

Random rest stops that had incredible views!!!

Our next day of driving was amazing, I just fell in love with the…

I was tagged!!!!!

Leslee over at Love Leslee tagged me while I was on vacation and I just noticed it! These are so fun okay here we go!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Expanding our family
2. Monsoon season!!
3. Davids new CD (he is working on it right now!)
4. Hopefully call again on Saturday (LOL)
5. Thrifting, I haven't done any in over 3 weeks!
6. Watching Trey grow up.
7. Going to Disneyland with my family one day.
8. Growing spiritually

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Went to Mandatories (yuck!)
2. Had dinner with my parents
3. Had an amazing breakfast burrito at Sonic (They are soo good....for fast food!)
4. Caught up on Y&R and Glenn Beck (my poor DVR)
5. Prayed (A LOT) that I would be put on call...and I WAS!!
6. Went grocery shopping
7. Played with Trey
8. Caught up on bloggs

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Not get stressed out ..(HA)
2. Not be in debt, including the mortgage (LOL)
3. Loose those pesky last 7 pounds!!
4. Work part time (I am soooo grateful I have a job, Please don"t take that the …

Show us your wedding dress :)

I had sooo much fun on the "Show us where you live Fridays" that we are continuing with Show us your____.

and this week it is our wedding dresses!
I found this dress at David Bridal (I had the best experience there!) and actually when they have their commercials I still they see this/my dress on it LOL!!

I loved the V neck it was different at the time.

I always knew I wanted cathedral one and only chance to be Cinderella and I was going to take every opportunity to get that :)

I am back!!!! and Treys first birthday!!!!!

OMG it feels so good to be home, not that I didn't have a BLAST on vacation but sometimes nothing beats being home :) Since I have so much to talk about I am going to just break everything up into separate post, plus too much in one post is to much to read anyway LOL!

So lets talk about Trey's first birthday party!!!!

The theme was surfing! I figured it was appropriate since his birthday is in the middle of summer and both his Grandpa (my dad) and his uncle Ian both surf!

We had the party over at my parents house in hope people would swim, but nobody did (except me LOL)

This is what it looked like outside, although no one really sat out there long because of the heat :)

A few of our friends from church and our family were their, nothing to big since it was on the holiday weekend!

His own personal cake and matching cupcakes turned out sooo cute!!!

However, Trey DID NOT like his cake, he definitely is a first born type A personality, he soooo did not want to get dirty with icing LOL!


See y'all in 2 weeks!!

I just wanted to drop a note that I will be away from blog land for about 2 weeks :( but the up side is I get a VACATION!!!!!! I so am in need of one right now too LOL:)

I have an IPOD touch so I will be able to check up on blogs but will not be able to post any!

I promise I will be back with TONS of pics from Idaho, Oregon, and California..

I will also update you all on Trey's birthday party as well, His actual birthday is today but thats's a seperate post LOL!!

See y'all later!


Home Tour Friday

I swear the weeks are flying by at the moment for me!!!

I have posted these pics on my blog before so bear with me if you have already seen them, but for all who are visiting for the first time enjoy!

Say hi to everyone Tanner!!

And our garage....

I will be honest with you, it did not stay this clean long!

I just HAVE to show you a pic of Trey.....

Mommy did my hair all crazy after my bath LOL!!