Celebrate America!!!

So this past Sunday night our church (NPBC, I need to clarify since we still go to two LOL) had a Celebrate America service as they do every year an have been since I can remember!

*side note note, the best year was when they had balloons in nets above us and then dropped them down on the audience at the end LOL!!!*

Anyway this time exactly one year ago I was 38 weeks pregnant and wanting to have Trey soooo bad, now I wish I was pregnant again HA!

Okay enough with all the emotional memory lane I am taking you down on :)

David sang an American Medley which included "Born in the USA" and "Sweet Home Alabama" He did the exact same thing last year, but since I am his biggest fan I would have to say that he blew it out of the water this year....way to go babe!!

They also did a salute to all the branches of the Military and it was AWESOME to see my brother and dad stand up together when they played the "Army Goes Rolling Along" song! I am so proud of the men in my family! They are so proud of their country and will fight for it even when they don't agree with current affairs! They are willing to risk their lives to let us maintain our freedom!!!

John Shillingon and Ruby Brown sang this year again too!! They were fortunate enough to sing at the Republican Convention this past year! They are AMAZING, I think I am going to post their video (if I can find it) on Sunday!

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