I am back!!!! and Treys first birthday!!!!!

OMG it feels so good to be home, not that I didn't have a BLAST on vacation but sometimes nothing beats being home :) Since I have so much to talk about I am going to just break everything up into separate post, plus too much in one post is to much to read anyway LOL!

So lets talk about Trey's first birthday party!!!!

The theme was surfing! I figured it was appropriate since his birthday is in the middle of summer and both his Grandpa (my dad) and his uncle Ian both surf!

We had the party over at my parents house in hope people would swim, but nobody did (except me LOL)

This is what it looked like outside, although no one really sat out there long because of the heat :)

A few of our friends from church and our family were their, nothing to big since it was on the holiday weekend!

His own personal cake and matching cupcakes turned out sooo cute!!!

However, Trey DID NOT like his cake, he definitely is a first born type A personality, he soooo did not want to get dirty with icing LOL!

He got soooo many awesome toys!! From books to bath toys to a wagon and a basketball hoop!
Thank you all who were able to make it, it meant the world to us!!

At One years old.....Trey what have you been up to??
  • Cruising (not walking yet)
  • You are completely done with the bottle :(
  • You can not go ANYWHERE without "Rudy" your night night.
  • You can stand up on your own
  • You LOVE french fries....just like your mom!
  • You are now getting into EVERY drawer, door, cabinet possible, time to baby proof the house LOL.

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