Show us Your Life

Okay on this installment of Show us Your Life it is all about our wedding party and flowers :)

We kinda had a big wedding party I had 6 bridesmaids/maid of honor
-Britteny (Maid of honor) and my sister
-Candace (roommate and went to nursing school together)
-Jordan (my cousin)
-Heather (cousin)
-Erin (Friend)
-Kyla (long time friend)
and 1 Jr. bridesmaid Megan (cousin)

And then David had 7 groomsmen/bestmen.
-Daniel (brother, bestman)
-Karl (brother, bestman)
-Andy (friend)
-Ian (my brother)
-Marshall (friend)
-Matt (friend)
-Quinn (friend)

Then we had 1 flower girl/ring bearer, Sydney and Trevor (cousins)

I really tried hard to keep the wedding budget as "under control" as we could. We did a have a fairly large wedding with over 300 people so we had to slim back in other areas, THANK GOODNESS for family and friends!!!!

My MIL and her close group of friends made all of my flowers for the center pieces and bouquets from roses from COSTCO!! I thought they turned out awesome!

I even made all my invitations, my mom and I pulled apart all the rose petals for the aisle (it was cheaper to by the whole rose (fake) than just petals!) and we even used borrowed tulle!!

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