Vacation Part 1

Okay I am going to finally post some pics about our vacation. Life has been just super crazy with me working a TON of days in a row (so I could use less PTO) but now I think I might be back to my normal schedule, but of course I had to get sick AGAIN throughout all of this!

Okay enough venting........ So late Tuesday night( many weeks ago...) we started our vacation and left Phoenix and headed to Page, which was a good thing because we were going to be able to shave off 4 hours of our drive the next day. was better looking on person LOL!

The next morning we left Page and drove all through Utah and ended up in Idaho Falls. I really enjoyed driving through Utah, there is some very pretty country that I was able to see for the first time.

Zion Park, Utah

This is what Trey though of most of the driving!

And this is what made him happy!!! (In all honesty he did wonderful!!!)

Random rest stops that had incredible views!!!

Our next day of driving was amazing, I just fell in love with the country that we were driving through! We left Idaho Falls and followed the interstate through Montana and then back into Idaho were our destination was Coeur d'Alene. Their is a family friend that has a "place" their. I say that because it really is like a mansion LOL, more on that later though.

Driving through Montana (I took these from the backseat in the car, while uh!!)

The fam at a rest stop in Montana (they had by far the best rest stops!!!)

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