okay so I said I was going to blog more

.....but my iphoto application is now all messed up, all it wants to do is keep loading and never finishes I have to force it off...AAAHHH anyway hopefully this week I will have time to call apple and get it fixed! until then the post are pretty boring with no pics :(

I did have a great weekend though, Saturday we had NOTHING planned it was amazing!! David and I laid on the couch and watched two movies (Trey continued to play around us lol)

This one was WAAAYYYYY to cute (okay so was Zac Efron but don't tell David I wrote that LOL!)

This one was a heavy one but I thought excellent!

Then today we had church, lunch at BJ's (the pizza was insane to say the least!) and I was able to go to a bridal show for Kristen a girl from church who is getting married at the end of September, we had way to much fun!

Anyway that is about it...Trey is walking all around the house, he looks like a little drunken sailor! He has just about mastered it though, he started it about a week ago and now he is practically running laps at church this morning!

Well off to work I go tomorrow, hope you all have a great week!!!

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