Goodwill fun

Here are my latest treasures (prior to the spending fast of course!!)

You can always use another plate holder, and I love this platter I have seen it retailed for around $60.00!!! And who can pass up chunky frames for under $4.oo!

I plan on painting this bad boy black and then adding some kind of pretty ribbon around his cute little neck!........You know I really was never into roosters until I began blogging.....go figure!

I may have splurged a little (usually I never spend more than $5 on an item but every time I go I use my 20% off coupon! And I just found out that you don't have to donate to get a coupon, just go to their website (locally) and you can print as many as you need off!

Although I do enjoy donating, the more junk I can get rid of, the more I can buy! LOL

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