Where I have been :)

Gosh I feel like I have deserted blogland :( Not by choice but I have been so busy!

I have been devoting Thursdays to Crown Bible study, which is going fabulous!! Well actually it is quite eye opening. We are sorta on a spending fast this month, since we have been out of control the past several months, only the necessities! We have not eaten out in over a week and half (this is HUGE for us!!) I am doing all I can to stay away from goodwill too (sad moment!)

I have been packing up things slowly around here to since it looks like we will be moving by the beginning of next year! The stress of that and trying to sell our home ...AHHHH! Why all of this while I am pregnant...seriously life right now could be just a tad less stressful LOL! ( I am a little bumbed since I am not really decorating this year :( I will have a Christmas tree though, that's for sure!)

Speaking of packing I am also trying to declutter, I am having a garage sale next Saturday, nothing to great in it but if I could walk away with $100.00 it would be worth it! I will have to post some pics of it (since I finally got my iphoto to work...thanks babe!)

...insert pic here ...

I FINALLY feel better! Not that I was complaining, I will take what ever it takes to be able to have children but I am now having energy to blog, work and clean the house all in one day LOL.

Anyway our plans for today, hit the grocery store!

Since this post really has not coordinating pics how about a few from vacation that I never got post LOL!

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