A getaway weekend

Last Weekend David and I decided to have a little getaway before the baby arrives.

It actually worked out perfect since Davids Alma mater, Southwestern College was playing against mine, NAU (go Lumberjacks!) in basketball. The exciting thing is that David played college basketball for Southwestern when he attended!

That's him Number 11 :)

So we decided to make a long weekend of it! The awesome part of it all was that a co-worker of Davids had offered his wife's condo that she rents when she works up north for us to use over the weekend!

It was nestled on a golf course, I just LOVED the view outside the Master bedroom window!

We almost could not wait until the next morning when we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Now the thing about Flagstaffs Cracker Barrel is that they almost always have a real fire burning (this NEVER happens in Phoenix LOL!) and it was raining and freezing outside, we were in heaven!

Funny thing is we ended up having breakfast every morning when we were there (3 of them to be exact!) We meet the sweetest waitress Lona, we sat at her table 2 of the 3 breakfasts (Sunday was to busy to pick )

Someone behind me had made a comment about having our picture taken at a Cracker Barrel...

He obviously does not have a blog! :)

While I was there I had to pick up some Spiced Apple Butter and,

The Gooseberry patch Comfort Foods Cookbook

After breakfast we decided to walk downtown Flagstaff (of course I didn't get many pics but this one) when it started to SNOW!!! We were so lucky that it snowed both days however it didn't "stick" which was probably a good thing since I am HORRIBLE driving in the snow and I am not sure how much experience David has in it!

We also toured campus ...... My old Dorm, Allen Hall

We then did something soooo not like us and went to a museum LOL! While We were in the Babbitt outdoor store I was reading a book on Arizona day trips and found a Pioneer Heritage Museum (How did I never know this existed?.......oh wait I was in nursing school LOL!)

The Museum was an old Indigene Hospital back in in 1909...this applied to me of course being a nurse.

My Favorite was the old nurses quarters and the operating room, which they actually had uniforms that the nurses wore!

This is a real Iron Lung!

Later that night we met up with friends and went to the game, I of course had to wear my Alumni shirt LOL, however I was happy for whoever won!

This was made into our homecoming tee-shirts one year, A true warning to any opposing team LOL!

The next day was full of naps, more thrifting and dinner at Oregano's! Yummmmmm

then back to see this sweetie!

Oh how I love him!!!!

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