Happy Halloween and my 1 year Blogiversary

Okay I have been MIA the last several weeks, when I am pregnant I tend to go to sleep around 8:30 rather than my usual 11:30 ..so that means less computer time (IE time for myself LOL!)

Okay with excuses now onto Halloween Pics!

Trey was skeleton, I would have loved to have made an outfit and be creative but with work and the move it was just easier to spend $13 and buy one !

Doesn't he look thrilled!

But an hour later at church for family fun night he was a happy boy!

David and I decided we would dress up too, well I made the suggestion at 10:30 Halloween morning. So needless to say Saturday afternoon was full of running to stores trying to piece together outfits!

And this is what evolved!

Please do not judge LOL

Punk Rocker David and his Pregnant groupie! For all God fearing women I am his MARRIED pregnant groupie (wife LOL)

Trey at first had no clue what to think of daddy's new hair do :)

Also I can not believe it has been a year since I have started my blog!

Remember these pics!!

You can read about Pumpkin patch bust here (kinda where I got the idea for my blog title!)

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