Well its a.......


I almost can not believe it..I keep taking the ultrasound pics to work and have all the OB's and nurses look at it to make sure they see the same thing, and so far everyone agrees!!!

We told everyone last Thursday, my parents were thrilled but I think my in laws were ecstatic!!

This is Trey finding out that he is going to have a baby sister LOL!

This is David finding out we were having a baby girl!

(He just might kill me for putting this pic up LOL)

I just wish we could come up with a name! I know it sounds silly but I need to know soon so I can start ordering all my monogrammed outfits and nursery items LOL!!!

Picture courtesy of uniquelymonogrammed at Etsy .com

Picture courtesy of The Girly baby

Both David and I like the name Tate Lillian but are afraid she will get teased
I also love the name Peyton but David is still hesitant on that name...so we will see!!

What do y'all think??

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