Black Friday

(Seriously, I look like crap! I guess I get the chunkiness from...well no one it just need to lay of the Taco Bell!!)

It is tradition for my mom and I to go shopping on Black Friday (you can even see that it is still dark out...we're hard core I tell you!). I actually look forward to this maybe more than Thanksgiving LOL. It all started one year when I had to work Thanksgiving and it was dead slow at the hospital (maybe I should refrain from saying dead when I describe the mood at work LOL) ANYWAY..... so I was busy looking through the ads in the paper and was surprised at some of the deals they had going. Well after a little convincing (my mom hates crowds) my mom agreed to go with me, ever since then we have been a team of savvy shoppers, I even think we might be getting a little more aggressive each year too :)

This year I has blown away at what I found at Wal-mart (one needs to be aggressive if one is tackling wally world on black Friday!)
I found the following:

Coffee maker (ours was on the fritz): $17
100 count blocks: $9
PJ's for Trey: $3 each (I bough 2 pairs)
Track suit for Trey:$3
30 piece tupperware: $7
(the rest I cannot know Christmas gifts in all)

I also splurged and bought my Dyson vacuum! I have been saving up for this baby and praise the heavens it was on sale! It works like a dream!! I will not even go into detail how much dirt was in my loving room rug.....disgusting!

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